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Unsuspecting Newcomer

The CELBAN Trap: 4 Ways IENs Fall

 Four Profiles of IENs




 The Unsuspecting Newcomer

The Unsuspecting Newcomer falls into the CELBAN Trap within weeks or months of landing in Canada. Without reliable information these IENs register for the CELBAN with the belief that it is easier that the IELTS because it is about nursing. They take the exam with little or no preparation, because they can not find any resources, and because they have either been ill advised, misinformed, or influenced by stories of IENs who have passed the exam on the first attempt.

They fall into the CELBAN Trap, unaware that they are limited to only three attempts at the exam, that the exam will expire in two years, and that it takes more than two years to become a Registered Nurse. Overconfidence and procrastination may take part in increasing the risk factors experienced by the Unsuspecting Newcomer.

How to Protect Yourself from falling into the CELBAN Trap as an Unsuspecting Newcomer

The Busy Mom/Dad